The Transfer Of $18 Billion To Philanthropy By George Soros Is A Significant Act Of Nobility

The champion of democracy and human rights, George Soros, has pulled a first in the field of philanthropy. The billionaire and hedge fund manager, has given up a massive chunk of his wealth to the Open Society Foundations. The Financial Times reported that the new transfer of wealth brought his cumulative spending on philanthropy at a massive $32 billion. Mr. Soros steers OSF in the capacity of chairman together with his sons Alexander and Jonathan who are members of the global board of the organization.

George Soros became famous in the year 1992 when his single wager of $10 billion against the British currency. Lucky enough this earned him gross profits more than $1 billion in just 24 hours, and over time it got him $2 billion. This gamble won him the title of “the man who broke the Bank of England” Besides that, it also accorded him a lot of fame in Wall Street. It is from that time that George became a media personality both for his business and his philanthropic ways.

Before his breakthrough in the corporate world, George was already aware that he was destined for greatness. As a teenager, he had to leave his hometown in Hungary. He was fleeing the then Nazi Occupation. George settled in England where he, later on, joined the London School of Economics. Upon graduation, he joined an investment bank where he worked before relocating to the United States in a bid to better him. Soros worked with renowned investment companies the likes of F.M Mayer and Wertheim & Company. This was before he became a business personality in Wall Street. While working in the Investment companies, he learned a lot that later on proved to be useful for pushing forward the Soros Management Fund.

As a wealthy person, George Soros has always worked hard to make sure that he positively impacts the society around him and in the world. He is known for sponsoring programs whose main aim is to promote unity and development among communities globally. A good example is how the Open Societies Foundation played a prominent role in advocating for peace in Macedonia after its secession from Yugoslavia. It is such initiatives that have become a more significant part of what the Open Societies Foundation is involved in. Read more about George at The New York Times.

Despite the fact that George has received harsh critics over his involvement in politics, he has not flinched but forged ahead with his intention of doing good for the world. He aims to see to it that the world becomes a better place for all. He has always propagated for leadership that is transparent, just and accountable to its people.


George believes that among many reasons, people need to pay keen attention to world politics because the US would also feel the pinch if any other country in the world is faced with a desperate economic situation. It is on that note that he decided to stop his active participation in the activities of his firm so that he could focus on charities and mentorship. Read more about at

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