Thor Halvorssen supports Bernie Sanders with Reservations

The head of the Human Rights foundation, Thor Halvorssen, criticized Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton on The Intelligence Report. He appeared with Host Trish Regan on the Fox Business Network show in early March.

Clinton, according to the head of the Human Rights Foundation, has received support from Middle Eastern regimes. Many of these regimes support the use of torture and engage in other human rights violations. The Intelligence Report Guest informed the host that he did not donate to the Clinton campaign. Although Hillary Clinton held no official cabinet position at the time, her husband instituted a policy that let the CIA send people to countries that endorse torture. United States policy changed after the September 11 attacks, and the government began supporting enhanced interrogation techniques. Civil rights groups widely criticized these enhanced interrogation techniques, which included water boarding, as torture.

While he praised the ideals of democratic socialism and said it could work, he also warned that authoritarian candidates may rise to power using the ideals of socialism. As soon as these despots get into power, their promises of helping the people quickly become a human rights nightmare.
Even though Halvorssen ( donated to the Sanders campaign, he did so with reservations.

Hugo Chavez represents a modern example of this phenomenon, but the same thing also happened in the Soviet Union. Josef Stalin did not care about the ideals of Karl Marx and was more interested in advancing his own power. The Soviet Dictator may not have committed genocide, but millions of people suffered under his reign.