Why Susan McGalla Believes In The Power Of A Woman

Susan McGalla is a top American executive consultant and business person who subscribes to the school of thought that any woman can become an influential member of society if given the chance and platform. However, she reckons that many women fail to advance in their careers and business as a result of coming across too many pandering bits of information most of which are generic. Being among the most recognized leaders in her line of work, Susan has spoken on different women audiences and made her views crystal clear.

Most women she speaks to are looking for an authentic and practical solution to their day to day problems. At work, many do not like being targeted as women but rather like colleagues who are equal to their male counterparts. The modern woman has clearly defined her roles and is no longer confined to just being a homemaker. At their professional duties, many outshine their male counterparts and end up becoming their bosses. Susan is happy that the evolution has happened and says that the current trend is very encouraging though a lot more needs to be done.

She grew up in a family that had two elder brothers and being boys; they never cut her any slack for being of the opposite gender. They would compete against her and encourage her to beat them. Her parents also made sure that she was not given a special or preferential treatment. Her football coach father encouraged her to never to fear boys and any audience regardless of the size. To them, her confidence was very imperative because they understood how a woman without a voice would have a hard time coping with later challenges in life.

As a result of that, McGalla of Pittsburgh Steelers, became equally comfortable with all gender that made it much easier to work with both. The confidence played a very integral role in her success in school and in her professional career. Prior to joining Joseph Horne Company, she had graduated from the Mount Union College with a BA. She is confident that if small girls are empowered at their early age, they will proceed to become the Hillary Clinton’s of the future. Girls need to grow up knowing that they can equally compete with boys on any level without undermining their womanhood.

When she joined American Eagle, it was predominantly a male dominated company but she still succeeded to rise to the top even though no women were joining the board and the executive positions at the time. Her rising to the top was a wake-up call to her colleagues that even women had the potential to lead effectively. She has taken the same approach to her consultant business and has proceeded to become one of the best in matters related to branding, marketing as well as talent management.


  • Alessandra Hank says:

    She attributes her courage and determination to succeed from her childhood upbringing. She is a perfect example of a woman who truly believes in herself and uses that confidence to develop herself and the community at large. It will truly help essay service to do more for them which might not be easy in the first place.

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