Your Vacation To American Samoa

Choosing where you want to go on your next vacation is sometimes very difficult to do. If you want to stay in America, but, would like to also spend your time on a beautiful island; then, a trip to American Samoa may be just the right thing for you and your family. You can visit the island of Fagali while you are there and can fly into the Fagali airport. It is a very small airport with only two airlines servicing it, Polynesian Airlines and Samoa Air. Fagali has a very small population and the main industry is tourism. The Fagali people are very welcoming and love to share the history of their home with tourists.

Arriving on the island, you will find yourself on a small airstrip which seems to be in the middle of a jungle. The airport itself has all of the resources you will need in order to get around. There are car rental stations and restaurants. They offer many of the same services that large airports do. You can make arrangements to stay at any of the island hotels or catch a connecting flight to Pago Pago if you wish. The employees at the airport can recommend any tour companies they have on the island and these companies will escort you to the best sights to see.

When you return to the main island of American Samoa, your family will enjoy many of the amenities they have there. There are numerous restaurants and accommodations available for you. No passports are needed to travel to Samoa but you may want to take yours if you plan on visiting other parts of the islands. It will be a welcome change for your next family vacation and they will make many new memories. The islands are a beautiful retreat.

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